MEMS and Sensors Fabrication Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Doug Sparks, Executive Vice President, HanKing
Panelist: George Liu, Director, TSMC
Panelist: Ian Wright, Marketing Director, SPTS
Panelist: Zheng Yuan, VP and General Manager of the 200mm Equipment Product Group, Applied Materials
Panelist: Neil Zhao, Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

The ongoing commoditization of MEMS and sensor technologies coupled with the onset of the Internet-of Things (IoT) phenomenon have placed increased pressure to innovate and shorten development times right across the MEMS & sensor supply chain.  Cost, form factor, device footprint, integration and packaging technologies have become paramount in enabling future generations of this class of emerging technologies.  Whether it’s introducing new materials or new processing technologies providing higher levels of integration or enhanced packaging schemes, the equipment maker alongside its foundry partner, is most responsible for delivering the inflections in manufacturing technology required to move the industry forward.  This panel will address trends currently faced in the MEMS and sensor market, specifically commenting on some of the more recognizable technology inflections in new materials, processes and packaging technologies that are currently driving new developments in fabrication, including manufacturing equipment. Regarding IoT, how will wafer size and new trends in manufacturing impact the ability to meet the demands of IoT? How will this new trend affect the future of the 200mm equipment market and what new challenges and opportunities does it present?


IoT Devices Connectivity: the Opportunities and Challenges

Moderator: George Hsu, CTO, PNI Sensor
Panelist: Gary Yao, Advanced Technology Manager, HTC America
Panelist: David Allan, President, Virtuix
Panelist: Xianfeng (Sean) Ding, Director of Sensing – Chief Scientist, Huawei
Panelist: Andrew Kung, General Manager, Colt Advance International Limited

MEMS and sensors are the bedrock of a smart Internet of Things — spanning consumer, automotive, medical and industrial markets. Panelists will discuss how improved sensing technologies, smaller form factors and more integration will help unleash the massive opportunities predicted for the IoT.  This panel will discuss growth drivers, challenges for IoT device connectivity, current and future value and opportunities, connected devices, Big Data, and the future of IoT device connectivity.


Venture Capital and Investment Panel with Q&A

Moderator: Ben Lee, President and CEO, mCube
Panelist: Hudson Ho, Executive Director, Head of China Division, Korea Investment Partners
Panelist: Hing Wong, Managing Director, Walden International
Panelist: Dr. Ping Wu, Founding Partner, Summitview Capital
Panelist: Xisheng Zhang, Partner/President, Hua Captial

The VC Panel session will bring together China and international investors from the institutional and corporate world to discuss the current state of investments in China. Are we seeing a new dynamic of entrepreneurialism in China? Does this represent a shift in investment philosophies both within and outside of China? And what does this mean for the future of new Sensor-based startups?  This interactive panel will explore these and other topics around China’s startup environment.